Super NES

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CPU 65xx Main CPU (65816)



snestech.txt Super Nintendo Hardware Notes (Charles MacDonald) (from Charles MacDonald's site)
snesdoc.html Qwertie's SNES Documentation (2.1) (Qwertie) (from Zophar's Domain)
snes.txt SNES Documentation (2.30) (Yoshi) (from Patent Pending)
SNESMem.txt SNES Memory Mapping (3.5) (SiMKiN)
SNESdocs.rar Collection of various SNES documents (2006/01/02)
fullsnes.htm SNES Hardware Specs (Martin Korth) (from Nocash)


screen.txt SNES Graphics Info File (1.0) (DAX) (from Patent Pending)
snesgfx.txt SNES and GB Sprite Storage Formats (0.0) (FDwR) (from Peekin's Pursuits)
consolegfx.txt Console Graphics Formats (0.7, 2000/01/02) (Klarth)


brr.txt Bit Rate Reduction sound encoding scheme (Butcha) (from Peekin's Pursuits)
spc.htm SPC 700 Documentation (Gau of the Veldt) (from SNES Developers Corner)
sfsound.txt Super Famicomm Sound Manual (2001/10/15) (Ledi and Peekin) (from Peekin's Pursuits)


sneskart.html SNES Kart: The Most Complete Guide to a SNES Cartridge Worldwide (1.6) (Damaged Cybernetics Australia) (from Patent Pending)
sfcdev2.php Super Nintendo 1024K HiROM Devcart (Charles MacDonald) (from Charles MacDonald's site)


nescont.html NES/SNES Controller Pinouts (1998/06/28) (Jay Tilton) (from Deathskull Laboratories)

File Formats

zst_frmt.txt ZSNES Savestate Format (incomplete) (ZsKnight) (from Peekin's Pursuits)
zst_spc.txt ZSNES Savestate Format: SPC700 Status Area (ZsKnight) (from Peekin's Pursuits)
smv.txt Snes9x Movie (SMV) File Format (unfinished) (Dieter Baron)


ff4hack.txt Final Fantasy II/IVj Save State Hacking (1.0) (Griffin Knodle) (from Patent Pending)
dma.txt DMA and HDMA Description (Paul) (from Patent Pending)
mult.txt Hardware Multiplication and Division (Vic Ricker) (from Patent Pending)
fastrom.txt Fast ROM Access (Paul) (from Patent Pending)
SNES_Lockout.txt Disabling the Super NES/Super Famicom ``Lockout Chip'' (0.5, 1997/12/27) (Mark Knibbs)
SuperGameBoy.png Super GameBoy schematics (1985/11/18) (Jeff Frohwein) (from Marat Fayzullin's Game Boy page)