Commodore 64

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CPU 65xx Main CPU



Pagezero: Nocash C64 Specs (Martin Korth) (from Nocash)


avconnect.txt A/V Connector Pinout (Ray Carlsen) (from Project 64)

File Formats

d2m-dnp.txt FD2000 image & CMD hard disk native partition (1.3, 2005/11/27) (Peter Schepers) (from 64Copy)
d64.txt D64 (Electronic form of a physical 1541 disk) (1.11, 2008/11/07) (Peter Schepers) (from 64Copy)
d71.txt D71 (Electronic form of a double-sided 1571 disk) (1.5, 2008/11/07) (Peter Schepers) (from 64Copy)
d80-d82.txt D80/D82 (Disk image of an 8050/8250 diskette) (1.3, 2008/11/07) (Peter Schepers) (from 64Copy)
d81.txt D81 (Electronic form of a physical 1581 disk) (1.4, 2008/11/07) (Peter Schepers) (from 64Copy)
f64.txt F64 (a companion file to certain D64's) (1.6, 2004/03/19) (Peter Schepers) (from 64Copy)
g64.txt G64 (raw GCR binary representation of a 1541 diskette) (1.9, 2008/02/19) (Peter Schepers) (from 64Copy)
cvt.txt GEOS CVT (ConVerT containers) (1.3, 2007/10/01) (Peter Schepers) (from 64Copy)
infosect.txt GEOS File Information Sector (Bo Zimmerman) (from geoDeveloper's)
fontfile.txt GEOS Font File Format (Bo Zimmerman) (from geoDeveloper's)
notefile.txt GEOS Notes File Format (Bo Zimmerman) (from geoDeveloper's)
albumfiles.txt GEOS Photo and Text Album File Format (Bo Zimmerman) (from geoDeveloper's)
pscrap.txt GEOS Photo Scrap File Format (Bo Zimmerman) (from geoDeveloper's)
prefile.txt GEOS Preferences File Format (Bo Zimmerman) (from geoDeveloper's)
tscrap.txt GEOS Text Scrap File Format (Bo Zimmerman) (from geoDeveloper's)
geos.txt GEOS VLIR (Variable Length Index Record) (1.4, 2005/11/27) (Peter Schepers) (from 64Copy)
writefile.txt GEOwrite v2.0/v2.1 File Format (Bo Zimmerman) (from geoDeveloper's)
rel.txt REL (RELative file layout) (1.1, 2004/03/11) (Peter Schepers) (from 64Copy)
pc64.txt P00/S00/U00/R00 (Container files for the PC64 emulator) (1.4, 2004/03/11) (Peter Schepers) (from 64Copy)
sidplay.txt SID/PSID (Various SIDPlay / PlaySID Formats) (1.2, 2004/03/15) (Peter Schepers) (from 64Copy)
t64.txt T64 (Tape containers for C64s) (1.5, 2004/03/11) (Peter Schepers) (from 64Copy)
tap.txt TAP (raw C64 cassette TAPE images) (1.1, 2004/03/11) (Peter Schepers) (from 64Copy)
x64.txt X64 (X64 and VICE emulator image files) (1.3, 2004/03/11) (Peter Schepers) (from 64Copy)